Thursday, February 11, 2016

White-throated Thrush at Bentsen today

I was birding with a couple from Michigan today and we spent some time at the Kiskadee Blind at Bentsen.  As a friend says, I'd rather be lucky than good... anyway, the White-throated Thrush originally eBirded on 2/6 came into the water allowing some photos!  We saw the White-throated Thrush before we saw our first Clay-colored Thrush, making for an interesting day.  Yowza!  A parade of birds came to the water including a Nashville Warbler and a Hermit Thrush. 

The immature Gray Hawks were in evidence near the Resaca, and the adult was screaming while we were at the Kiskadee Blind. 

Anhingas were at the Resaca perched in trees, and two small migrating flocks went by as we walked in the park.  We had a flock of Lincoln's Sparrows on the entrance road with about 6 birds, a larger flock of all Lincoln's than I've seen in the park in recent years.