Sunday, August 26, 2012

Masked Booby with Color Band off SPI!

Troy Zurovec took these excellent photos of the Masked Booby with a coded color band - one of three individuals seen off South Padre Island on the August 25, 2012 pelagic trip. I'm working on finding information on where this bird was marked, right now we're looking into potential sources in Mexico. Stay tuned!Note that the bird has the stainless steel band on the right leg and a coded color band on the left leg . The color band here is a blue band with white codes, and the code is 216.  I'm hoping to hear back from the researchers on where and when it was banded, and I'll update this with that information when I get it.  Many thanks to Robin and Troy Zurovec for permission to circulate these very interesting photos!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Vaux's and Chimney Swifts - NMNH

Vaux's Swifts from above

Chimney Swifts from above
Chimney, note the longer tail and less contrasting rump. The wings are longer and the bird larger as well .
Vaux's, note the short tail and more contrasting rump.  This bird was mounted in an unnatural position with the wrists pulled back. 
Here's the two together.  Note the larger Chimney with the longer tail, and the smaller Vaux's with the shorter tail.  And the rump coloration, again more contrasty in the Vaux's.
Chimney Swifts from below
Larger Chimney, smaller Vaux's.  Not sure what subspecies these are, that may account for the browner coloration of the Vaux's.