Monday, July 22, 2013

More photos from Mazatlan - Chara Pinta / Tufted Jay Preserve

Just this week I got some great photos from Antonio Ruiz from my 2011 trip to the Chara Pinta reserve in Sinaloa.  These images are all (c) Antonio Ruiz, and are shared with his permission.  You can read more about the Chara Pinta / Tufted Jay preserve in my blog post here.

Antonio is sharing a fantastic photo of the charismatic and endangered Tufted Jay.  You may think the bird can't possibly be this stunning, but it's even better than this fantastic photo!

Here we are at the cabin in the preserve.  The birding was excellent!  I still fondly recall the excellent meals that we enjoyed and the flocks of wintering warblers arriving and breeding species still present.  I can't wait to return!