Saturday, December 8, 2012

Salineno Update - 12/8/2012

The Valley Land Fund has closed their half-acre tract at Salineno, formerly the feeding station run by Pat and Gail DeWind.  Volunteers Cheryl, Lois, and Merle were ready to move in and open the site.

I ran into Lois and Merle today at the boat ramp at Salineno, and found they were provisioning feeders on the FWS tract next to the VLF site.  From the river, walk south down the trail parallel to the river and you will quickly see the feeders.   They said it took the Green Jays 30 minutes to find the food when they were putting it out the first day!  I saw a wide variety of birds at the feeders including Audubon's Oriole, many Altamira Orioles and Northern Cardinals, nearly 20 species in the area in less than half an hour. 

Here's the message at the VLF site, which leads me to believe that the site is closed to birding. The boat ramp and FWS site remain open.