Monday, July 5, 2010

Hook-billed Kites - the "backstory" July 5, 2010

So by now you know there are multiple Hook-billed Kites at Chihuahua Woods Preserve of The Nature Conservancy. I have added earlier posts in date order about the birds and their activities and our efforts to find the nest. I would like to thank Sonia Najera, Paul Bryant, and all the staff at TNC for permission to go off the trails. Thanks also to Mark Conway and Bill Clark for their efforts to locate the actual nest. Most of all, thanks to those who knew about the nest but enjoyed the birds without disturbing them. They are still visible at the Preserve but are seemingly ranging farther away or feeding in different areas. Good luck if you go to look for them. Please do report the kites with information on the plumage of the birds so we can keep track of the chick and the pair. You can report your sightings to or the RBA, or in eBird add a remark on the age or color of the birds you see in your comments. The last known successful nest was in 2002.

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Mary Gustafson