Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Anzalduas March 10 (evening)

The wind is still roaring through south Texas. I headed over to Anzalduas County Park [Mission Texas] after work to help some friends searching for birds. They were looking for Gray Hawk and Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet. We walked the northern section looking and listening for the Tyrannulet, and though I thought I heard it a couple of times give a single "peep", it was hard to hear in the wind and it's difficult to localize this sound even in calm conditions. The Gray Hawk male came into the nest calling and was glimpsed by all, but it didn't stay long. We found the pair later perched on the south side of the park (across the levee) and had good looks as the male flew off with a stick in his talons, the female following a moment later.

Other highlights were Prairie Warbler (presumably the wintering bird - finally!) and excellent looks at swallows by the dam.

We celebrated at Casa del Taco for Molcajete and Negra Modelo - it was a great evening!